Syngredient offers a worldwide online marketplace for ingredients of the food and feed industry.

Syngredient is open to all companies worldwide that buy or sell food and feed ingredients and
processed products.

The majority of the shares are owned by the two founders Carl and Dr. Christine zu Eulenburg. In addition, there are private business angels who also hold shares.

The head office of Syngredient is located at Tempowerkring 6, in Hamburg (Germany).

The Syngredient-Team has extensive experience in the food and feed industry. For example, there are team members who have over 10 years of experience in trading food and feed components, who have a PhD in statistics and who have over 20 years of international management experience in the financial industry.


With Syngredient you can expand your business network and find new trading partners. In addition, you can optimize the management of your existing trading relationships through company and certificate audits and the ability to digitally manage and exchange trading documents

Register online at https://beta.syngredient.com/register/. Follow the instructions of the registration process. Afterwards we contact you and introduce you to the platform. At the same time, we check your uploaded certificates and credit rating via Euler Hermes. We calculate a quality index for you. Then you can start immediately.

The registration process requires 2-3 business days.


We run our beta phase until end of 2020. Transaction fees apply only in case of a successful deal.

From 2021 on, additional features will be available. A “freemium model” will be introduced, with monthly fees for the additional features, and no monthly fees fo the basic version. More details on this will follow soon!

The registration is free of charge during the beta phase.

During the beta phase the monthly fee does not apply.

If the deal is successful, Syngredient will receive a commission of 0.5 %, based on the volume specified in the deal. The commission is paid by the trading partner who responds to an offer or request. For commodities the commission is 0.1%.


The platform can be used with all common browsers and no further download is required.

The best way to use the platform is actually on the PC. The platform can also be used with a tablet, but this can lead to restrictions. Depending on the model, the screen size of smartphones can be too small and therefore restrictive. 


Yes, the development of an app is on our list.

At Syngredient, we want to develop interfaces to the common merchandise management systems in the future. Please contact us for more information.


Privacy and security are very important to Syngredient. You can read our privacy policy in detail at https://syngredient.de/en/privacy/

In the basic version you are anonymous until the end of a negotiation. Only you and Syngredient can check your profile. Contract-relevant information such as address, company name, user name or also account information and VAT ID are communicated to your trading partners after the successful conclusion of the contract. If you are a community operator, your community members will see your company name and the documents you have made public. If you are a guest in a community, the community operator can see your company name.


Currently products from more than 25 categories are traded on Syngredient. Details can be read here.

This does not work in the beta version yet, but it is on our list for the future.

All users who are registered on Syngredient can see your published offers and requests. The community function will also be launched soon. This will enable you to create a community in which you can publish exclusive offers or requests.

At the moment you can place your offer in Euro and US Dollar.

No. The final purchase contract and also the payment processing run directly between the two parties involved in the purchase.

Anonymous trade

Your trading partner only sees your country of origin or postcode and your star rating in addition to the published offer or request.

The negotiation takes place in free text between two trading partners. No one sees the conversation but you two. As soon as you have agreed, you can enter the final parameters of the deal in the transaction mask. If both trading partners agree, the deal is concluded.

Yes. The details of a negotiation/transaction are stored in your account.

During the negotiation Syngredient takes the position of the broker.


For the final deal a contract template is used by the seller or the buyer.

The transaction confirmation agreed between the buyer and the seller on Syngredient is a binding agreement. The contract can only be terminated if both parties so agree.

Please first contact the other party with which you have concluded your contract. If you cannot resolve the conflict, you can contact Syngredient. We will try to resolve the conflict in a mutually acceptable way.

It is possible to request credit insurance via Syngredient.

The Syngredient Trust Index (star rating) represents a non-binding assessment of the platform participants. We continuously evaluate the platform participants upon registration and also during the entire contract period on the basis of 2 criteria:

Credit rating. We regularly check the creditworthiness of all participants through a large provider of credit insurances.
Business conduct. After each transaction, a brief feedback is requested from both trading partners via the other. This is used to assess their satisfaction with the quality of their commitments, the punctuality and regularity of deliveries, their payment behaviour and the handling of any complaints and claims.