Digital food and feed ingredients trading
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Trading during the Corona crisis

The economic crisis resulting from the Corona virus holds significant challenges for everybody. This affects also the supply chains of food and feed ingredients. Highly rated and flawless companies are suddenly faced with business loss and financial problems.

With Syngredient, your B2B marketplace for food- and feed ingredients, we offer a global trading network and safety for sellers and buyers:

  • We monitor the credit scoring of all users.
  • Hedge against credit events such as corporate defaults or failure to pay by contracting a commercial credit insurance from our strategic partner – quick and easy on our platform

Our Offer

Syngredient is the new independent digital marketplace for raw materials and processed products in the food and feed industry.

Find new trading partners on our market place and close your deals directly. Or use our platform to manage your existing supplier- or customer relations and manage your trading documents efficiently.


Sensational sustainable.

Find new distribution channels for your off-spec products, byproducts, faulty and noncompliant batches or former foodstuffs. On our platform, we deliberately bring together the food and feed industry. One man’s pain is another man’s pleasure!

Greater reach.

Find new business partners through our network of reliable partners in our basic package. Or publish tenders to your existing supplier- or customers network. Manage, store and exchange your documents easily in your account.

Your documents, please!

Use our upload function for facilitated documents exchange and to store your certificates, specifications, laboatory analyses and delivery documents. Our servers are located in Germany and store your data according to existing laws and regulations.

Successful and secure transactions.

From registration on, we periodocally re-check the validity of our users’ certificates: QS, GMPplus, FamiQS, IFS, BRC, FSMA, Global GAP, USDA Organic, Biosiegel Europe. Furthermore, we enquire credit data from our users via a global acting credit risk insurance.

Our Prices

No monthly fees apply. Transaction fees apply only in case of a successful deal.

After a successfull deal, Syngredient receives a commission of 0.9%, based on the volume specified in the deal. The commission is paid by the one who reacts on an offer or on a request.
For commodities the commission is 0.1%.

From Q2 2021 on, additional features will be available. A freemium model will be introduced, with monthly fees for the additional features, and no monthly fees fo the basic version. More details


Ethical responsibility in global trading

Ethical, social, and ecological responsibility is an integrated part of our long-term strategey.

The main values in our own everyday work at the office are reliability, team spirit and trustworthiness. We have agreed on some firm principles and rules that are to be followed by all employees of Syngredient (Syngredient Ethics). Further, we expect responsible conduct of of the users of our trading platform. Therefore, we have formalised some guidelines and ask our clients for their commitment upon registration. Commitment is not obligatory, but can be seen on the platform. These guidelines can be read here.

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